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Hi everyone. I found some more inspiration to blog about so here we go. As we are all aware, the Holidays are almost here. Which means that a lot of people are already planning their Christmas' and New Year's parties. And with parties you also got outfits to choose. Luckily for me I got another collaboration with the Femme Luxe web shop, so the perfect occasion for me to try out their nice clothing and party dresses. I chose 4 different items: a camel jacket that I will show in every outfit, black jogger pants, a white fitting dress and a black long party dress. I think all outfits are perfect to wear during the holiday weeks. They are not all party outfits, I got some casual outfit in there as well, because sometimes you just wanna be a bit comfortable during an fun food party, right?

Look 1: Casual Red

The first Holiday look is a casual one. Like I said, I do like to be comfortable when I plan on eating a whole night or day like Christmas' Eve or Day. So that's why I like to opt for loose fitting pants and these black cuffed cargo trousers perfectly fit this description. I choose my normal size in this trousers based on my previous order at this web shop. The fit is actually just perfect. The pants have a loose fit anyway so chances were the pants would fit without any problem, buuuuut it's honestly just perfect. Trousers that fit perfect at my butt and my waist are rare, but then also having a perfect loose fit and the perfect length? That's a once in a lifetime find. I combined it with a classis red sweater, so you kinda get that Christmas feeling. I'm also wearing a Camel waterfall duster belted long coat as an extra layer. I choose this coat because it's just such a classic, and my opinion is that every woman needs a coat like this. Because you can wear it with anything and that I will prove with the following two looks. 

Look 2: Simply white

Next outfit is actually quite basic. I opted for a classic dress in a white colour. I don't have any white dresses in my closet and next to a little black dress I think a white dress is also a classic to have in your closet. White is a colour not a lot of people want to wear in winter, and that's exactly why I like to wear white. Think outside the box and that way you can shine a little during that Christmas or New year's party. I choose this white ribbed V-neck midi dress because of the simple but sexy cut. I like midi length dress, in fact this dress is also available as a mini dress. I took my normal sizing in this dress, like recommended, but alas it fits a bit too tight. It's certainly doable, but the dress is really challenging me when I need to walk, oops. Also because it's so tight, the dress is a bit see through and I don't know if it's the sizing, but the midi dress is more knee length. I really had to pull down the dress hard to get it over my knees, the moment I walk it goes upwards. So although I really really love this cut and dress, it's not a perfect fit. 

Look 3: Asymmetric black

Last outfit is a classic New Year's (Eve) look. I was thinking already a long time about my dress for NYE and when I saw this one on the web shop I was convinced. This black slinky ruched split leg maxi dress is a black dress with a unique twist. The biggest plus of this dress is that's it's a maxi dress. I'm not a girl that wears a lot of dresses and a classic short party dress is definitely not something I would  go for. This black dress however is very New year's eve worthy but still unique in a way. I really like the split and asymmetrical part at the bottom. The dress really hugs your body and that makes for a very nice and sexy silhouette I like. The only downside of this dress however is the material. It's a mesh material and although there are two layers of this material on the top of the dress in broad daylight the dress is a bit see through. So this is definitely a dress you should wear in the evening. My NYE dress is chosen I think. 

So these were my ideas when it comes to Holiday outfits. What are your plans to wear during those Holidays? Are you going for something casual or more dressed up? Again, I'm quite happy with the items I got from Femme Luxe web shop. Sadly enough the white dress wasn't a perfect fit and the black is a bit see through but the camel coat and black trousers are winners! Apart from these dresses you see here, they also have Party dresses, Glitter dresses and all kind of fancy tops.

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