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Hello boys and girls. Look who's back! Ah yes, I took some time of from blogging. Why? Well honesty, I didn't really feel like it anymore and I had to spread my time a bit more wisely. I'm a real ass gym teacher now as well, next to my full time job, so that takes lot of my spare time. And although I'm still doing those two jobs, sometimes it itches again to blog a bit. So today I'm answering that itch with this awesome blog post. 

Another thing that's going on in my life is cleaning up my closet. During all those blogging years I collected quite some clothes - gifted and not gifted. A lot of those clothes are just hanging in my closet, some of them I don't like any more, others are not getting worn really and then you also have a group that doesn't fit anymore, a side effect of becoming a gym teacher - you get muscles yo. Anyway I also started to realize you don't really need a lot. Really you don't. To proof that I'm giving you three looks in this posts all done with the same basic cropped sweater. Here we go! 

Look 1: Cool Houndstooth

Okay, so let's start with the basic of all three looks. I chose this cropped sweater (click here to shop) from the Femme Luxe web shop. All of the clothing in this post are from the same web shop by the way since this post is made in collaboration with them. I don't really have a lot of black basic clothes in my closet, strangely enough. One day in my life I decided I needed more colors in my closet and so I did, and I kinda lost track of black clothing.. Ah well, I'm working on it. I really like the fit of this cropped black sweater. The fabric is soft inside and surprisingly warm. The sleeves are a bit longer, which I like because I like to pull the sleeves over my hands on colder days. So cropped sweater: approved. 

On to the trousers. These trousers have a houndstooth pattern. I really really love these kind of patterns and that's exactly why I chose these pants. On the web shop you can find them under the name "houndstooth paper bag slim fit trousers" (click here to shop) I really like the silhouet as well. I actually was a bit nervous about this one, because I was scared it were more asian sizes than european. The model on the website wears an 8, and since she kinda has the same build as me - big booty - I decided not to size up but stick to my size and also the size of the model. Does the trousers fit? Yes, is it a perfect fit? No. It's a bit to tight at my calves and knees for my liking, but it's perfect around the waist. I'm not going to entirely blame it on the web shop, because this is a classic problem for in pants: Too small at the legs and butt or too big at the waist. Good thing that the fabric is kinda stretchy, so it's perfectly comfortable for me. A size bigger should be better for sure though, so don't base your size based on the models wearing it, just a tip! The only downside of the pants is that it's a bit see through. As you can see, I'm wearing some dark blue underwear and you can slightly see that. I think it has also to do with the smaller size. With a bigger size this would probably not be a problem. 

I finished this look with some laqué ankle boots from Buffalo and a wool black hat with spikes. I really like this look to go out for a drink with friend. It's dressy but not too dressy and it's very comfortable (especially when you pick the right size).

Look 2: Edgy joggers

For the second look I went for a bit more edgy look. People who know me, know I like my clothes a bit with an edge. Nothing boring for me, thank you. These khaki PU cuffed joggers (click here to shop) are ticking all my boxes. The pants is made of a PU material, I was scared the material would be very thin and light, but it's actually very qualitative and thick. So obviously these pants are perfect for winter. The only 'downside' with the whole winter thing is that these trousers are 7/8th length, so you have bare ankles. Maybe not perfect in winter - doable in autumn - but with some high ankle boots like these I got from H&M you can solve this issue easily. 

Again, this look is perfect for a day out with friends or whatever. It's a bit more tough than the previous look. These trousers are also available in a different colour in the web shop, so if you're not a khaki junkie like me, you got some other colours. Again with the sizing I followed the website and the model. The model wears an 8/10 so S/M and that's also my size. These pants fit better than the previous one, and I think the fact that this size is made for small and medium makes sure it's a better fit for me. 

Look 3: Basic Black

Alright, on to the last look. For the last look I kept it pretty basic. I went for an all black look and chose these faux leather leggings (click here to shop). I know not all people are fan of wearing just leggings. BUT I LOVE IT. Really there is nothing more comfortable than wearing leggings. I blame it on my gym life where I basically only wear gym leggings. These leggings are high waisted, so perfect to combine with a cropped sweater. The pants are a bit shiny, but not to much, which I think is perfect. Again for the leggings I went with the web shop sizes. The model wears a size 8 and since she kinda has the same build as me, I went for it. The size turned out to be perfect, so I can conclude that the web shop used normal european sizes. Just for some trousers you kinda have to think twice. 

Since the look is all black, I chose to go for an eye-catcher with my shoes. I went for my new Dr Martens boots. I soooo love them - boyfriend hates them. Since it was getting cold outside I also went for a beanie and chose this leopard print beanie. 

So that was me telling you how to use one basic sweater to make 3 different looks. I know I didn't do a lot of accessorizing, but I'm not really into a lot of bells and whistles. I like to keep it easy and comfortable. So tell me which look do you think is the best? 

To conclude I have to be honest and admit I'm impressed with the website Femme Luxe. I was really sceptical about it and thought it would be poor quality and horrible sizing, but turns out it's not the case. Okay, with some trousers you kinda have to think twice and measure yourself a bit to be sure but overall it's quite like the normal sizing I have. Of course you can find more than just sweaters and trousers there. The web shop is specialized in bodycon dresses, mini dresses and lacy bodysuits. 

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